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This book focuses on industrial development, design, implementation, and transformation using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analysis, and Blockchain. It incorporates complex processes, functions, and various other elements as one central component of digital systems.

Industrial Transformation: Implementation and Essential Components and Processes of Digital Systems discusses the industry transformation aligned with the computerization of manufacturing and the required skills needed to build a new workforce. This book covers the role that AI plays in the management of resource flow and decision-making in the transformation of operations, as well as supply chain management. It presents sustainability and efficiency with IoT, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Blockchain technologies as it focuses on industrial development, design, and implementation. This book showcases the incorporation of complex processes and functions as one central component of digital systems and explores current trends that are working to accelerate industrial transformation. Case studies are also included, depicting the technologies that are influencing the transition into the fourth Industrial Revolution, such as industrial infrastructure, biodiversity, and enhanced productivity.

This book is aimed at researchers, scholars, and students that require real-time knowledge and applications where the transformation and implementation of digital systems in the manufacturing sector are needed.

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