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Scientific and didactic activity
scientific  domainSciences and  Management and Quality. Computer Science
Scientific InterestsBusiness Processes, Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Project Management, Business Management, Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Economic IT, Mobile Technologies, IT in Business and Administration, Business Intelligence, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, CC, IoT, Big Data, BI, Blockchain, Personal Data Protection, GDPR, Security of Information and IT, Information Society, Outsourcing of IT.
Preferred Place of Employement and Jobsuniversities, research and development centers, public administration, consulting companies, EU institutions, academic lecturer, scientist, IT consultant, manager, businessman, data protection officer.
PHD ActivitiesCo-supervisor in doctoral dissertations: ·         mgr W. Grzelak, University of Economics in Wroclaw Co-reviewer in doctoral dissertations: ·         mgr Prakash Hasmukhbhai Patel, Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, India, ·         mgr Roshana Thomas,  Technological University, Ahmedabad, India, ·         mgr Shivangi Katiyar, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, India, ·         mgr Kavita Khathar,  Maharishi Markandeshwar University, India.
Postdoc ActivitiesScientific activities with prof. dr Nitul Dutta (Postdoctoral researcher) from Marwadi University, India. Scientific activities with prof. dr Rajendrasin Jadeja (Postdoctoral researcher) from Marwadi University, India
Teaching Classes in Polish·         Management, ·         IT in Management, ·         Economic of IT, ·         Computer Aided Management, ·         Business Computer Systems, ·         Computer Systems in Administration, ·         International Trade, ·         Running a Business in Poland and the EU, ·         Logistics and e-logistics, ·         Ee-marketing, ·         E-business and E-commerce, ·         E-administration in Poland and the EU, ·         Artificial Intelligence, ·         Information Technology, ·         Computer Systems in International Relations, ·         IT Systems in Business, ·         Computer Networks, ·         Creating Websites, ·         Engineering and Master’s Seminar, ·         Techniques and Technologies in Telecommunications, ·         Computer Graphics and Multimedia. ·         Preparing a Computer Workstation.
Teaching Classes in Polish·         Business Intelligence, ·         Data Warehouse, ·         International Business Trips, ·         Project Managament and Team Bulding, ·         Expert Activities, ·         Cloud Computing, ·         Artificial Intelligence, ·         ICT in business Managament, ·         International Trade, ·         E-marketing, ·         Business Informatics, ·         E-business and e-commerce, ·         Data Organization and Management, ·         Doing Business in Poland and EU, ·         E-administration in Poland and EU, ·         Computer Systems in International Relations, ·         Logistics and e-logistics, ·         IT Systems in Business, · Information Technologies, ·         Creating Websites and Portals, ·         Engineering Designing with the Use of AUTOCAD, ·         Graduation seminar.