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Jan Wyzykowski University, Faculty of Social  and Technical Sciences ul. Skaników 6b 59-100 Polkowice od 01/10/2016 · Professor at the Jan Wyżykowski University, · Rector’s  Representative for International Cooperation and Erasmus + Program, Jan Wyżykowski University in Polkowice. · Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (2009 – 2012), Vocational University of Copper Basin, Odrodzi 21, 59-300 Lubin · Lecturer of subjects related to computer science, management, logistics, computer graphics, electronics, electrical and electronic measurement · Scientific director for curricula in the project implemented under the EU funds Erasmus Plus together with the University of Economics in Wrocław, Economics University – Varna, Bulgaria and Paragon Europe, Malta. Project title: Developing the innovative methodology of teaching Business Informatics (DIMBI), grant amount of PLN 111,000 Euro, · Member of the Council of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, · Vice-chairman of the committee for the National Qualifications Framework, · Member of the education quality committee, · Member of the team preparing the application for authorization to conduct education in the field of management and international relations, at the level of second-cycle studies, with a practical profile, · Coordinator of the stay and didactic classes of foreign students under the Erasmus + program, · Member of the Management Faculty Council, · Practice superviser, · Chairman and member of the commission of engineering and master’s exams, · Promoter of engineering and master’s theses, · Reviewer of engineering and master’s theses, · Supervisor of the Computer Science Club, · Coordinator of the IT course, · Coordinator for the implementation of innovations.
Economic University in Wroclaw Department of Business Intelligence in Management Komandorska 118/120, 53-345 Wrocław od 01.10.2019· Lecturer of subjects related to computer science and management,
University of Economy in Bydgoszcz Institute of Information Technology and Mechatronics Institut of Economy and Management Garbary 2, 85-229 Bydgoszcz od 01.10.2020· Lecturer of subjects related to computer science and management,
CompExpert, Zdzislaw Polkowski Krzemieniecka 6/U3, 59-300 Lubin od 17.07.1990 . Owner of an IT consulting company (SME), 5 employees . Inspector of Personal Data Protection . Business processes, IT in management, e-business, e-commerce, e-administration. . Providing consulting services in the field of streamlining business and management processes. . IT service for companies. . Implementation of advanced IT projects.. Digital marketing 
School Team in Polkowice ul. Skalników 6, 59-101 Polkowice 01.08.1991–01.08.2008 od 01.09.2020· certified IT teacher
Subregional Education Center in Polkowice ul. Skalników 6, 59-101 Polkowice 01.08.1999–01.08.2001· lecturer in the Tessa program financed by the European Union.