Communication Skills
Ease of contact, problem-solving skills, better communication through training and team management
Managerial Skills
Managing of 80-person team, the ability to manage one's own work 
and the work of others - gained while working as dean of the 
Faculty of Technical Sciences at UZZM in Lubin.

The ability to independently organize foreign business trips 
(scientific conferences, internships, study visits) 
while maintaining minimum costs and high security.
Abilities and Technical Competence
Ability to use many technical devices and advanced computer devices
Computer Skills
Ability to use Microsoft Office, Windows, Unix, Linux, HTML, CMS, Pascal,
 C ++, UTM, Novell and other applications.
Other Skills
Abilities and competences in the field of IT consulting acquired 
in the process of running a business, skills and competences 
in the field of cost reduction in business by applying 
the latest IT achievements (Cloud Computing, Blockchain, 
Iot, Business Intelligence and virtualization)
Driving License
A, B.