Jan Wyzykowski University,

Faculty of Social  

and Technical Sciences 

ul. Skaników 6b

59-100 Polkowice

od 01/10/2016


· Professor at the Jan Wyżykowski University,

· Rector's  Representative for International Cooperation and Erasmus + Program, Jan Wyżykowski University in Polkowice.

· Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (2009 - 2012), Vocational University of Copper Basin, Odrodzi 21, 59-300 Lubin

· Lecturer of subjects related to computer science, management, logistics, computer graphics, electronics, electrical and electronic measurement

· Scientific director for curricula in the project implemented under the EU funds Erasmus Plus together with the University of Economics in Wrocław, Economics University - Varna, Bulgaria and Paragon Europe, Malta. Project title: Developing the innovative methodology of teaching Business Informatics (DIMBI), grant amount of PLN 111,000 Euro,

· Member of the Council of the Faculty of Technical Sciences,

· Vice-chairman of the committee for the National Qualifications Framework,

· Member of the education quality committee,

· Member of the team preparing the application for authorization to conduct education in the field of management and international relations, at the level of second-cycle studies, with a practical profile,

· Coordinator of the stay and didactic classes of foreign students under the Erasmus + program,

· Member of the Management Faculty Council,

· Practice superviser,

· Chairman and member of the commission of engineering and master's exams,

· Promoter of engineering and master's theses,

· Reviewer of engineering and master's theses,

· Supervisor of the Computer Science Club,

· Coordinator of the IT course,

· Coordinator for the implementation of innovations.
Economic University in Wroclaw

Department of Business Intelligence in Management

Komandorska 118/120, 
53-345 Wrocław
od 01.10.2019
· Lecturer of subjects related to computer science and management,
University of Economy in Bydgoszcz

Institute of Information Technology and Mechatronics

Institut of Economy and Management
Garbary 2, 
85-229 Bydgoszcz
od 01.10.2020
· Lecturer of subjects related to computer science 
  and management,

Zdzislaw Polkowski

Krzemieniecka 6/U3,
59-300 Lubin
od 17.07.1990


. Owner of an IT consulting company (SME), 5 employees

. Inspector of Personal Data Protection

. Business processes, IT in management, e-business, 
e-commerce, e-administration.

. Providing consulting services in the field of 
streamlining business and management processes.

. IT service for companies.

. Implementation of advanced IT projects.
. Digital marketing www.compexpert.pl

School Team in Polkowice

ul. Skalników 6,

59-101 Polkowice


od 01.09.2020
· certified IT teacher
Subregional Education Center in Polkowice

ul. Skalników 6,

59-101 Polkowice



· lecturer in the Tessa program financed by the European Union.